What mounts are need for your scope

Three considerations when matching mounts to scope.

A-    Rail

B-     Scope Tube Diameter

C-    Main heights

A- There are three kind of mount depend the rail’s mount, the most usual is 11mm rails, there are also 13 mm rails, they are not very common only some rifles from East Europe and the last  mounts for Picatinny or Weaver rails,  these reference of these mounts  start by “W”. For 11mm rails are nearly all the mounts that we have in our web site, exception the mounts BSA brand which are for 13 mm rails

B-We must take account, the scope body tube diameter, there are two different tube diameter, one inch (25,4mm.) or 30mm.                                                                                         For those which measure is 25,4mm our reference numbers begin by 26/../.. and for those  of 30mm it star by 30/../...

C-And to finalize, we must take account the height, there are 3 main heights: High, Medium and Low high.

To know which you need you must measure the bell scope (sunshade), and them go to our web site and you could see them,  all the measure in each description model riflescope